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According to a report from SiriusDecisions, dirty data costs can reach more than $130,000 per year in lost revenue for an organization with 100,000 contacts in its database. The majority of organizations today are carrying more than 40% of bad data in marketing databases. These records include duplicates, missing critical demographic information, and bad contact information - all of which kills your conversion rates, reduces the effectiveness of marketing programs, and burns valuable sales resources. However, there is an answer. DataGenics customers have found & acted upon what would have otherwise been significant lost revenue opportunity by using DataGenics Marketing Database Solutions to preserve, repair, and augment their contact records. You can, too.

Data Diagnostic

To get you started, we've developed our powerful analysis tool - DataGenics Data Diagnostic. This free service assesses the quality of your marketing database, identifies problem areas, and quantifies what you need to do to get the best yield from your marketing dollar. The output is a comprehensive database health report and analysis and a window into the future state of your database after utilizing our Data Cleanse & Append solution. Each Data Diagnostic:

  •  Identifies the percentage of duplicate records in your database
  • Identifies the number of "junk" records that negatively impact your conversion rates and other metrics
  • Provides a view into the overall E-mail deliverability of your database
  • Includes a field by field, comprehensive whitespace analysis showing your gaps and areas for improvement

Getting started is simple. Visit the Data Cleanse & Append page to find out more, or contact us today to find out how we can help you start accelerating conversions.

Data Cleanse & Append Solution

DataGenics Data Cleanse & Append is the most comprehensive B2B marketing database enhancement service on the market today. This powerful solution will enable you to better target and segment, speed routing, and increase the effectiveness of your lead nurturing and lead scoring initiatives. The end result is better response rates, more sales accepted leads, increased return on your Marketing Automation investment, and higher revenue. Each Data Cleanse digs into your marketing database and outputs the actionable data behind the DataDiagnostic health report. This solution:

  • Identifies and highlights your duplicate records so you can take action
  • Appends, repairs, and standardizes all account and company information to ensure consistent marketing
  • Scores e-mail addresses for deliverability to ensure you are marketing to real contacts and improving your sender reputation (and purge the junk)
  • Augments your contacts, accounts and leads with the information required to target, segment, route, nurture and score

You can either dig right in with the Cleanse & Append, or opt for the Data Diagnostic health report to identify the gaps, and quantify the financial opportunity afforded by a campaign-ready database.

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Read more about our DataDiagnostic health report, increased results with DataGenics Data Cleanse & Append, or contact us today to get started.