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Fax Appending

Sending product or service details through fax is one of the best marketing strategies.

Did you know that appending a fax number to a contact name can add exclusive value to your list and even turn your targeted contact into a lead? DataGenics brings you the unique feature of appending fax numbers that are missing or are incorrect in your business or customer database.

Your contact database should have accurate and complete phone and fax numbers of all your target audience to make your marketing campaign effective. Our Fax Appending Service will append, correct and de-duplicate all the fax numbers as per your requirements. We will strategically upgrade the data present in your contact database in the most time-saving & cost-effective way.

Why use DataGenics Fax Appending Service?

  1. Clean out the fax numbers that are invalid
  2. Track down & replace incorrect data
  3. Remove corrupted information & records
  4. Cost-effectively correct or add missing fax numbers to your list
  5. Successfully reach out to all your highly-targeted audience
  6. Own a complete, foolproof list of your prospects/customers
  7. Make the best use of your business data
  8. Manage and maintain your database