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outbound marketing:

Highly qualified lead generation produces new sales opportunities optimized for closing and accompanied by fresh market insight.

Key Business Benefits

  • Identification of highly qualified leads to create a solid lead pipeline of new business opportunities.
  • Enhance the production of leads that are acceptable by the sales and marketing folks.
  • Hot transfers to ensure better conversation rates.
  •  Broader coverage and penetration of primary and secondary target markets
  • Better utilization of the sales teams' time to ensure they get only qualified leads to focus on.

Standard Features

  • Access to finely segmented target market data sets comprised of accurate and recent organizational records and decision-making contacts
  •  Insightful consultation on market selection, data, messaging, and qualified lead generation strategy
  •  Dedicated campaign management and knowledgeable market specialist team
  •  Live call monitoring and branded inbound call services
  •  Secure, web-based portal for delivery of new sales leads and associated data
  •  Comprehensive, metrics-based campaign performance reporting
  •  Ongoing team training, progress reviews, and campaign refinement

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