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Ever wondered how to get the contact data of specific decision makers or contact titles that use the products and services you offer? Many marketers understand that the key factor to be considered before any campaign is executed is to Target the right contact titles or people who perform a specific job function.

DataGenics provides you the contact titles that perform the specific job roles that you are targeting regardless of the title. When a "General VP" or "Director" title won't do and you need the person that actually owns the decision, we find and validate the person responsible for buying your category of product so you can better focus your time and effort, and accelerate conversions.

Our contact data includes the following fields. All of that, which will enable you to execute a multi-channel marketing campaign!!! Be it direct mail, email or telemarketing!!

Contact name Contact Title Company name Contact Email Mailing Address Telephone SIC Code Industry Description Employee Size Revenue Size Web Address Contact Us today to understand how our team can help you compile the data you need for your next big marketing campaign.


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