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DataGenics  provides you, the B2B marketer, with cloud-based software and lead data services specifically designed to accelerate conversions from your inbound, outbound, and database marketing initiatives. We were founded in 2011 to respond to the new data needs of B2B marketers like you, and we continue to evolve today with proprietary software & data solutions designed to help marketers increase revenue performance.  

Marketers have seen many shifts over the years, from direct mail, to email, to PPC & SEO, website analytics and most recently marketing automation. As these transitions happened, so changed your data needs. With marketing automation for example, you need accurate and comprehensive data for nurturing, scoring, routing, targeting and segmentation.on.

And here we are again... B2B Marketing is at the beginning of yet another new era of inbound, content-driven marketing and the need to have close coordination between both your inbound and outbound marketing initiatives. As this transformation happens, DataGenics is uniquely positioned to help you increase conversions and accelerate your leads through the funnel for faster revenue growth.  

Our customers range from small, agile technology companies to large multinational Fortune 500 companies. Our deep B2B marketing expertise, industry-leading technology, and the largest set of high quality business data redefines "campaign-ready." Our customers consistently show a return on their investment of anywhere from $3 to $5 on every dollar that they spend with us. Today, DataGenics has more than 400 customers, with more signing up for DataGenics solutions every day.