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DataGenics Precision Contacts

Smart marketers know generic and untargeted campaigns deliver only a fraction of the results that more segmented, sophisticated efforts provide. In fact, a recent study by Jupiter Research showed that quality targeting and segmentation, which is of course powered by quality data, accelerated conversion rates and grew revenue outcomes by 781%. With that in mind, DataGenics provides two key solutions to provide you with highly targeted leads: title-based Smart Contacts, and Role-Based Discover for those times when a title doesn't necessarily identify the decision makers you need.

Smart Contacts

The fastest and easiest way for you to find high-value contacts specific to your markets, DataGenics Smart Contacts help you replace the older "blast" campaigns for a more sophisticated and targeted multi-channel approach. And because we partner with all of the major marketing automation vendors, our process fits directly into your existing marketing and revenue ecosystems. Smart Contacts lets you focus on strategy and execution by:

  • Researching the specific segments and targets that you need to fill with outside data sources
  • Eliminating any contacts that already have adequate coverage within your database
  • De-duping new contacts as they arrive to eliminate waste and overlap with your existing database
  • Validating deliverability of e-mails to ensure the message gets to the inbox

DataGenics Discover

Because responsibilities and titles can vary dramatically from one company to the next, connecting with the individual that owns the decision is often a challenge. DataGenics Discover identifies prospects by their role or function in the organization - not just their title - and gives you the information you need for targeted campaigns, accelerated conversions, and a faster sales cycle. Learn more about DataGenics Discover and how you can improve the effectiveness of your entire lead generation engine.

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Learn how DataGenics Smart Contacts and DataGenics Discover can deliver the targeted contact information you need to reach the right people, accelerate conversions, reduce cost-per-lead, and increase revenue performance. Or, contact us now to get started.